My Genotype is AA, What Does It Mean?

Having genotype AA means that you inherited the “A” gene from your parents. It is also the homozygous dominance of AA genes in your DNA.

Although a gene can be identical or non-identical, and still perform its function, having an identical allele makes things easier.

Advantages of genotype AA

The most common advantage of identical genes lies in their compatibility.

People with the “A” genes marry anybody of their choice, be it SS, SC, or AC genotype, without the fear of blood-related diseases.

However, they are more prone to malaria attacks (1).

Characteristics of the “AA” genotype

People with the “A” genotype have certain features that distinguish them from other individuals.

Such features include:

  • More prone to malaria attacks.
  • Weaker immune responses to viral infections(2).
  • Can marry any other genotypes without the fear of haematological disease.

Genotype AA and malaria

Malaria is a serious disease caused by female anopheles mosquitos.

It has been suspected to affect more people with ” A” genes than others.

This lead to scientific research carried out at the University of Uyo Teaching Hospital, Uyo, Nigeria. To investigate the rumour.

372 children were screened for malaria, genotypes, blood groups, haemoglobin concentrations, and packed cell volume.

Of the 372 children, 210 were sick and 162 healthy.

156 (74.3%) among the sick people had malaria.

The result showed a 92.3% of children with genotype A, more prone to malaria parasites compared to AS (5.1%) and SS (2.6%) respectively.

Susceptibility of different blood groups to malaria attack was blood groups O (46.2%); A (26.9%); B (21.8%); AB (5.1%) (2).

This finding, including other studies, proved that haemoglobin AAs suffer malaria more than others.

Can AA genotype give birth to AS

This may be possible, depending on the genotype of his partner. If his partner is AS, the chances are there. But if they are AA, it will not be possible unless there is mutation somewhere, or that the biological father is different.

How often does AA genotype fall sick?

People with the ‘A’ genotype suffer malaria and typhoid more often than others, they also have a weaker immune system which makes them more prone to diseases.

Can genotype AA and AS marry each other?

Yes, people with genotype A can marry anybody of their choice even SS, without having any problem.

Is it possible for parents of genotype AA to have offspring of AS?

There is a little chance that mutation may occur in an egg, sperm cell or in the early stage of embryo development, which may change the genotype of a baby.

The mutation only affects the gene of the new zygote.

Sometimes, mutation may occur after conception. Such is called de novo mutation.

De novo mutation may arise from certain factors such as:

  • Genetic mosaicism. ( This is when a somebody has 2 or more set of genetically different cells in his or her body).
  • Aged parents (when parents are older at the time of conception).
  • The fusion of non two identical twins can also cause it.

Or when the assumed father is not the biological father.

Can genotype AA marry SS?

Yes, genotype AA can marry any other genotype without any problem. AA marring SS will produce AS offsprings.

Bottom line

Having seen the benefits and side effects of being an AA genotype, the choice is now yours to marry that your dream girl, or boo without any fear of blood-related disease.

Also, apply preventive measures such as sleeping under mosquito nets, and eating immune-boosting food, to prevent malaria and viral infections.

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