What is the AS Genotype all About?

AS genotype is also known as a carrier or sickle cell trait. It is when you have one normal gene and a sickle cell hemoglobin. AS genotype is common. In Lagos State, Nigeria, about 24.5% of Yoruba people alone are AS. Being an AS or a carrier doesn’t mean you will develop sickle cell disease … Read more

Genotype vs Phenotype, examples and definition,

A genotype is the genetic constitution of an organism. It comprises all the genes you inherited from your parents. Genes are housed in chromosomes and are responsible for an individual’s character. How is genotype determined? It is determined by a pair of alleles in an organism’s DNA. The allele comprises two genes, the recessive and … Read more

My Genotype is AA, What Does It Mean?

Having genotype AA means that you inherited the “A” gene from your parents. It is also the homozygous dominance of AA genes in your DNA. Although a gene can be identical or non-identical, and still perform its function, having an identical allele makes things easier. Advantages of genotype AA The most common advantage of identical … Read more

Matching Blood Group and Genotype for Marriage.

With about 100,000 U.S. pupils alone living with sickle cell disease as of 2008, some intending couples still get married without knowing their blood group and genotype compatibility. You must know your blood type and genotype to avoid hemolytic anaemia and other blood-related diseases. In this article, you will know the list of genotypes and … Read more

Finally, the Rate of Sickle Cells Can be Reduced Through Prenatal Genotype Testing.

In the olden days, our grandparents married and reproduced without knowing either theirs or their babies’ genotype. That single act leads to the death of so many children because of sickle cell anemia or other thalassemia diseases. Thank God for introducing western education in Africa, now you can know your genotype in a few minutes … Read more

Complete Facts About AC Genotype & Their Compatibles

Before we go into a detailed explanation of facts about AC genotype and other genotype compatibility charts, we should first understand that the human system comprises four unique blood types. White blood cells (WBCs), red blood cells (RBCs), platelets and plasma. The most dominant out of the four is the RBCs. Red blood cells contain … Read more