What is Inoperable Lung Cancer

Whenever a patient is diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer or any other metastasized cancer, they give up their chances of surviving. Although inoperable means incurable, it is never the same for cancer. Inoperable cancer means a tumour that cannot be removed surgically but can still be treated either with chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Just as brain … Read more

Amazing health benefits of garden egg fruits and leaves

An eggplant or African garden egg is a fruit from the Solanaceae or nightshade family of plants. It is a nutrient-dense fruit from the same family with tomatoes and potatoes. Eggplants are rich in phytochemicals which has both nutritive, and pharmaceutical potential. It is consumed globally and is known with different names example; it is called … Read more

How to Treat Staph Infection at Home

What is a Staph Infection? Staph infection is a sexually transmitted disease caused by bacteria. It is usually seen on human skin, nose, mouth, armpit or around the private parts. Over 30 species of staphylococci bacteria exist, with only a few that cause mild to severe infection. The most radical type of staph infection is caused by … Read more

Overview of Bitter Kola Benefits & Their Side Effects

health benefits of bitter kola

Right from ancient times, bitter kola also known as garcinia kola is used both in a traditional feast and in preparing herbal medicine. Although little was known about the bitter kola benefits,  its continuous usage made our health scientists go into research and discover these amazing health benefits of the bitter kola nut. Bitter Kola is … Read more

Amazing Health Benefits of Garlic and Honey Mixture

As bacterial infections become more resistant to antibiotics, garlic and honey mixture seems to be an excellent replacement. Having anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and antioxidant properties, the health benefits of garlic and honey mixtures are uncountable because of the phytonutrient. Studies have recommended the use of garlic and honey recipes as an alternative antimicrobial drug to treat pathogenic bacterial infections such … Read more

Amazing Health Benefits of Bitter Leaf Tea

health benefits of bitter leaf juice

A bitter leaf also known as Vernonia amygdalin is a medicinal plant from the Acanthaceae family. It has a bitter taste and is mostly used by Africans in preparing bitter leaf soup, tea, bitter leaf juice, and herbal medicine. The health benefits of bitter leaf juice are many because of its phytochemical and bioactive components. … Read more

Progesterone Deficiency, Its Side Effects & Ways to Balance It

progesterone deficiency

By Ruth Eze, 06/07/2018 Progesterone is a sex hormone produced in the body by the adrenal glands, the ovaries, and the placenta. It is a pregnancy hormone that regulates menstrual cycles and also sustains pregnancy. A high level of progesterone during pregnancy and childbearing stage is important, it helps with implantation and maintenance of pregnancy. … Read more

Wonderful Kola and Its Medicinal Use.

By Ruth Eze, 16/06/2018 Wonderful Kola, also known as Buchholzia coricea, is a medicinal plant used in traditional medicine to cure all forms of disease. It is a plant that must be present in any form of traditional medicine for maximum performance. The health benefits of wonderful kola are many because it helps in curing … Read more

Cure That Stubborn disease today with Phytocillin Herbal Mixture

A phytocillin is a herbal mixture used to treat many forms of bacteria, viral and fungus infections. It is used to control respiratory problems including bronchioles, sinus, lungs and throat infections. It is also used to treat mouth and intestinal problems. Phytocillin is an excellent mixture for controlling skin irritation and equally an immune booster. Ingredients … Read more

How to Get Rid of a Cold Sore Fast

how to get rid of a cold sore scab

With over 70% of Americans affected by cold sores, everyone is at risk of contracting the herpes virus. However, knowing how to handle the outbreak matters. This article will guide you on how to get rid of a cold sore fast, through the use of toothpaste on the cold sores, natural healing oils, and antibiotics. Cold … Read more

Masturbation and Its Side Effects on Humans

By Ruth Eze, 12/03/2018 Frequently, I have seen many questions like what happens if we release sperm daily? Does male masturbation cause weight gain? Many other questions about onanism that require an urgent response. That is why I created this article on masturbation side effects and their benefits. Masturbation is the stimulation of the genital … Read more

Amazing Health Benefits of Date Fruits on an Empty Stomach

health benefits of date fruits

How much did you know about the benefits of eating dates on an empty stomach? Find out why it should be part of your regular diet. Dates are fruits from a date palm tree known as Phoenix dactylifera. A flowering plants from Palmaceae family. Dates are mostly cultivated because of their fresh fruits, with many benefits. The health … Read more

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