Wonderful Kola and Its Medicinal Use.

By Ruth Eze, 16/06/2018

Wonderful Kola, also known as Buchholzia coricea, is a medicinal plant used in traditional medicine to cure all forms of disease. It is a plant that must be present in any form of traditional medicine for maximum performance.

The health benefits of wonderful kola are many because it helps in curing many diseases like staph infections, fibroid, asthma, Irregular menstruation, infertility, heart diseases, waist pain, and many more.

The seed is also effective in improving the memory, that is why some people call it memory nut.

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How to use wonderful kola to cure fibroids

The recommended dosage is a glass in the morning and another one in the night for two months.

Can Wonderful Kola Cure Diabetics

Yes, it can cure diabetics.The extracts from the seeds of Buchhlozia coriacea have been reported to have antidiabetic effects on diabetic mice. The methanolic extracts from the seed lowered the high blood sugar level of the rat to a normal level.

For effective performance,

Grind  5 wonderful kola, garlic, scent leaves, bitter leaves, and small potash. Soak it in 2 liters of water for two days, take one shot in the morning, afternoon and evening.


Buy five Buchholzia coricea, ginger, and garlic. Grind them and mix them together with 50cl of honey, 25cl of lime juice and allow it to ferment. Take it morning and night with a shot for one month.

Waist pains

Grind 5 pieces of Buchholzia coricea and mix it with one bottle of soda water. Take one shot in the morning, another one in the night.


Get 4 Buchholzia coricea, bitter cola, ginger, scent leaves, alligator pepper, grind it together and soak it with hot. Take 2 spoons in the morning and in the evening.

Wonderful kola for weight loss

According to a research work published in the journal of dietary supplement. A male Wistar rats (150–200 g) were divided into 7 groups (n = 15): Untreated control,  untreated B. coricea low (10%),  B. coricea high (25%), and omeprazole-treated groups. Rats were fed with B. coricea diets for 7 weeks; thereafter, a significant loss in weight was seen on rats fed with Buchholzia coricea. Other reports have also indicated that a mixture of lime water and wonderful kola helps in reducing belly fats. (1)

Wonderful kola side effects

Wonderful kola is a medicinal plant with lots of benefits for humans. This miraculous kola still has side effects on humans if you consume it in excess. Their side effects are:

  • Allergy
  • A cough

Since you have known the medicinal values of Buchholzia coricea, I recommend you always use it any time a problem related to fibroids, fertility, diabetics, STDs, and in improving your memory.

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